Welcome to Messvill Radio

Eclectic music and shows from around the world. Play at bottom of page or install the Zeno app.

We aim to provide a constant stream of copyright-free music at no cost to you, and aim to be on air as much as possible. The content is either public domain or the is so old that it is no longer copyrighted! Please be patient if our stream does occasionally go offline sometimes due to technical issues. You are always welcome to pop back later!

We also have a selection of mixtapes to listen to in on our Mixtapes page.

This is a new site but we will be adding more to it as time goes by so please bear with us!


Approximately 4 randomly placed ads per month, £100 per year (approximately 48 airs over the year) email your mp3 advertisement (max 60 seconds approximately) then select the donate button to pay. This is a casual non committal service to help us cover our costs. Low income, skint persons and businesses (trust), national and local registered charity advertisements are free.